At COAF, you’ll find carefully-chosen unique artists and vendors. They share our commitment to you by promising to honor our bootleg-free policy.

Do you represent an organization whose primary function is promoting a convention/event/business/anything besides selling merchandise? COAF is a proud member of the entertainment, event and convention community and we love swapping tables, rooms, advertising and more. Please contact Outreach for more information

Vendors’ Hall

Thank you for your interest in Colorado Anime Fest! Vendors’ Hall for COAF 2020 is full. We will be accepting waitlist applications soon.

We generally look for exhibitors selling officially-licensed merchandise who will provide a fun and happy shopping experience for our convention members.

Due to limited space, we recommend applicants offering hand-made goods apply to our Artists’ Alley.

The first booth rented includes two (2) badges and each additional booth includes one (1) badge. Additional costs may apply for electricity, internet, extra badges and special requests.

Vendors are chosen via staff jury. In the interest of keeping attendees’ selection choices varied, not all vendors who apply will be approved.

Please note: COAF has a strict, zero-tolerance policy regarding bootlegs. Vendors found to be selling unauthorized merchandise will be promptly removed from the convention.

Artists’ Alley

Applications for Colorado Anime Fest 2020 are now closed. Applicants will be notified of status by Jan. 15.

Table Pricing:
One Standard (1) in-line table, (1) badge: $85
Two Standard (2) in-line tables, (2) badges: $170

Additional artists may share a tablespace for an additional $45 per artist to cover badge cost and table fees, but all sharing artists’ information must be included in a single application at the time of entry. Studios that work on projects under one name may register as one artist and purchase membership badges for remaining members. You are welcome to have any registered event member assist with sales at your table.

We believe in being open about the criteria of our juried selection process. Candidates will be evaluated based on quality of artistry or craftsmanship, uniqueness and novelty of product, and potential appeal to COAF attendees. A slight boost in score will be given to local Colorado artists. Because of limited tables and our desire for a wide range of products, we will also reward artists who share space. Judges have not been determined at this time but will be from both inside and outside of the Artists’ Alley community, with a wide range of interests. A thorough waiting list will be kept and artists will be able to obtain their placement on the list. Multiple waiting lists may be kept to maintain a wide variety of product types. Any questions or concerns about this process may be directed to

Please note: COAF requires artists to comply with all common industry standards and practices regarding fanart. COAF has a strict, zero-tolerance policy regarding bootlegs and trademark violation. Please see the contract for more information.