Security Update

Security is a big topic in our state today. Please know Colorado Anime Fest takes your safety very seriously. If you see police roaming the floor, feel free to say hello to them!

We are not planning on any changes to our current rules and policies for the year, including our prop and costume policies. But we did want to reiterate some things:

  1. Reminder: We must be able to tell the prop weapon isn’t real from even 20ft away. Please review our orange tip and other rules.
  2. Do not ever brandish the prop weapon on light rail or other places that it could be misinterpreted. Outside of the convention venue bubble, law enforcement may not be expecting it to be fake. Please be smart.
  3. You must visit prop check when you arrive onsite. It’s located near Con Ops in Spruce.

Need help with something at-con? Staff are wearing purple shirts (see picture). Or, visit Ops to report your issue. We are ready to listen.

Let’s have a fun, safe #COAF2019!