Press Policy & FAQs

Colorado Anime Fest (COAF) is pleased to welcome professional and amateur press to cover our fourth annual event in Denver, Colorado!

To apply for a press pass, please complete the application form.

We strive to attract a wide variety of outlets at various levels to receive the best coverage for our event. To facilitate this, we feature tiered press qualifications:

Emerging Press

If you focus mainly on photography, are an amateur journalist and/or student media, represent an organization founded after the Jan. 1, 2018 deadline and/or do not meet other listed Standard requirements, you are considered Emerging Press.  There is a limit of two badges per organization for Emerging Press.

Emerging Press Passes feature:

    • Complimentary weekend pass to COAF.
    • Access to press seating areas/photo pits in Main Events if space allows.
    • Entry into press conferences (Advance signup required.)
  • Mandatory (but FREE) breakfast at the Press Meet-and-Greet reception on Saturday.

The Emerging Press Pass offers exclusive access and seating for photographers, and allows new or amateur press to attend and get to know us as we get to know them.

Standard Press

Standard Press organizations are generally granted up to four Passes per team, but larger teams may be accepted.

Standard Press Passes feature:

    • Guaranteed access to the priority photographer pit (if applicable) at concerts
    • Guaranteed access to the press seating area during special events.
    • Limited, guaranteed seating to select panels.
        • Advance signup required
        • First-come first-served
      • Generally 1 seat per outlet per panel, up to 2 seats in Main Events.
    • Early admittance to AMV events (Advance signup required.)
    • Access to private interview and photography areas.
    • The chance to request private interviews with our Guests of Honor.
    • Private (standard press only) breakfast on Sunday.
    • Complimentary weekend pass to COAF.
    • Access to press seating areas/photo pits if space allows.
    • Entry into press conferences (advance signup required.)
  • Mandatory (but FREE) breakfast at the Press Meet-and-Greet reception on Saturday.

Photographer/Photojournalist Press

Anyone can bring a camera to COAF. Earning a comped, credentialed Press Pass requires a bit more. In order to receive a Press Pass solely as a Photographer or Photojournalist, there are special equipment and portfolio requirements that must be met. These are listed below with the requirements for other press outlets. The benefits of this level of Press are the same as Emerging Press.

Please note: if you are accepted as Press, you may not charge for photo sessions unless you have also purchased a credentialed photographer ribbon. For more information, take a look at our policies surrounding photographers.

Please note: Press Passes are limited in number, and applying for a Press Pass does not guarantee you getting one, even if your outlet meets all of the qualifications. New outlets will be reviewed based on the basis of their other content.

Keep in mind that returning press are asked to provide a copy or and/or a link to any and all previous coverage of COAF. This will serve as a deciding factor in your approval for following years.

Press Qualifications

Based on the tiers listed above, please review the list below to determine whether or not your organization meets our minimum qualifications. Meeting these qualifications does not guarantee a Pass. If you do not meet these requirements, please don’t hesitate to apply for Emerging Press! We will review every applicant, and use these as guidelines in our review process:

Traditional Press
The publication needs to have been in publication on or before Jan. 1, 2018. The publication must be published at least quarterly. Upon application, at least four publications must have been made. Please send us examples of your publication along with your business card and a letter of introduction on company letterhead.

Media and Freelance Press
If you are a freelance writer/journalist/photographer, please send us copies of your work along with your business card and a letter of introduction on company letterhead. Include an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth.

Broadcast Media
If you are a broadcast journalist or photographer, please include a letter from a producer/editor on company letterhead stating that you are covering Colorado Anime Fest on assignment. Include an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth.

If you are filming for a documentary, submit any clips that you may have completed, a list of completed projects and a letter of introduction on company letterhead stating the purpose of the documentary. Include an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth.

Webzine/Video Blogs/Other Blogs
To cover COAF in this capacity, your website or channel needs to have been live prior to Jan. 1, 2017. Preference will be given to those that are updated weekly and are focused on news, local events, and/or at least one of the following: Asian culture (Reviews, critiques or discussions.) Asian entertainment (Asian cinema, music or movies.)

As noted above, all Photography or Photojournalists will be considered Emerging Press. To qualify for a Press Pass, you must submit examples of your work. This can be a link to a Dropbox or a Photobucket, but preference will be given to those with a social media presence or a professional website.

Equipment requirements:

  1. A site hosted on a domain for your photos.Personal Facebook profiles don’t count. Facebook Pages, Flickr or other similar storage sites are fine.
  1. Professional equipment.
    Point-and-shoot and/or disposable camera owners need not apply.

If your press type is not listed here but you still think you’d work well with our event, don’t hesitate to apply. There will be a space for your outlet to explain what your medium is, as well as show examples of your work. To qualify, we require you to be an active outlet for at least a year and a half at the time of applying. You must have at least six robust examples of your work to be considered as a Press not listed above. (Less may be accepted in special cases.) Applicants in this category may be required to apply as Emerging Press while we assess your first year covering our event.

Press Policies

All members of our Press are held to the same rules that apply to our members, and these rules will be enforced accordingly (with the exception of photography, access privileges, etc., as listed in the perks above). Please review these in our Program Guide and on our Website.

Passes are limited, and the number of Press Passes allowed for a single organization are listed under the tiers of Press. Not all applications will be approved. Members of a press outlet will receive individual consideration and qualification. If it is found that a pass has been requested under false pretenses, passes for that entire organization will not be approved and/or will be revoked.

To ensure the enjoyment and safety of COAF attendees, Guests of Honor, staff, and other Press, the COAF Press Office reserves the right to revoke any Press Pass at any time, for any reason. A press member who has their badge revoked will not be permitted to return to COAF in the future, as press or a general attendee. Examples of behavior that may result in badge revocation include but are not limited to:

    • Interfere with attendees’ enjoyment of the convention.
    • Bother a Guest of Honor.
    • Request autographs or sketches outside the normal autograph sessions and/or disobey the directions of Security staff manning autograph lines.
    • Bring non-press general attendees to interviews with Guests of Honor.
    • Bring non-press general attendees into press-only areas without prior permission from the COAF Press Department.
    • Engage in unprofessional and/or inappropriate behavior, as determined by COAF staff.
  • Violate any policy of Colorado Anime Fest not otherwise listed.

Post-Con Coverage

Coverage for this year should be posted no later than one month after the convention ends.

Your outlet will be evaluated year-to-year on the following requirements:

(Emerging-level photographers may also be asked to check in with collected information during the convention.)

Standard Press and Emerging Press other than Photographers:

  1. Any publication pertaining to our event should have a copy provided to the Press Relations Manager. This can be a paper copy, PDF, or link to publication. We track these on our site for future references.
  1. If photos are published, they should follow the Photographers’ guidelines below.

Photographers and Other Photography:

  • All photos you upload of COAF must include individual written captions including, at minimum, (if cosplayer) person’s name or nickname, or (if location, like Main Events) panel/location details, and (optional for Emerging Photographers) your constructive opinion on the photo subject.

Other caption ideas: details on how the costume was made, character background information, time of day and date, surrounding atmosphere, a direct quote from the subject or person in the area.

  • Captions must be present on at least the first depiction of the same subject in a photograph. If you take a person’s photo 8 times in the same environment, such as the Cosplay Competition, you only need 1 caption for those 8 photos. However, you could go above and beyond with the ideas above and include 8 different captions if you wanted to!
  • Did you sell or publish photos to media outlets? Let us know, and we’d love a copy for our records! 🙂
  • Photos are only valuable if they’re current and relevant. We do recognize the additional time required to write captions, but please keep that in mind when uploading your work post-convention. One way to save time? Quality over quantity. With this in mind, we do require that photos be up within one month of the event’s completion. We reserve the right to utilize any and all photos taken for this purpose with full credit to the photographers that have taken them.
  • Exceptions to the all-photos caption policy may be pre-approved on a case-by-case basis by the COAF Press Office, as long as additional written coverage is still presented with photographs in some form. In future years, exceptions will depend on past history and attendance.

Press Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for a Press badge? 

A: Please review the Press badge qualifications information and submit a Press Pass registration form. You will receive a response via e-mail within five (5) business days. If you do not hear back from us, please follow up with the COAF Press Relations Manager.

Q: What’s the difference between Emerging Press and Standard Press? 

A: Our press guidelines allow new or amateur press to attend and get to know us as we get to know them, while still continuing our relations with established press. Emerging Press registrants are welcome to request Standard Press Badges their second year and beyond.

Q: What’s the difference between Press badge approval and having a Press badge? 

A: A confirmation email will not get you into the convention. You must pick up a physical badge at the Press Office. All members of the press must wear their badges at all times if conducting press-related business during the event.

Q: What do I need when I pick up my badge? 

A: To pick up your badge if you have pre-registered, you will need to present all of the following items: 

    • A photo ID
  • A business card if you have one

To expedite registration, you may also bring:

    • Registration receipt e-mail printed out
  • Copies of past work

Q: How do I obtain preferred or assigned seating for panels, or special events like the cosplay competition? 

A: Only Standard Press can obtain preferred seating for panels. To obtain your reserved seats, sign up at the press breakfasts and be at the desired panel at least 10 minutes ahead of time. If you arrive after the panel has been seated, you will forfeit your reserved seats.

Both press badge levels will be permitted into the reserved seats for all Main Events. The same signup and time rules apply. Please note that Standard Press will have priority access if there is a shortage of seats, and 2 seats (Standard) and 1 seat (Emerging) remains the general rule.

Q: How do I interview a Guest of Honor? 

A: Press will be offered preferred seating and access during combined fan and press panels. Some guests may also be available for private press conferences. Press are encouraged to ask questions, but also share the time with other press and fans. Members of the press are absolutely NOT allowed to bring personal guests into convention guest interviews. If you would like to conduct a one-on-one interview with a guest, please contact the COAF Press Relations Manager for consideration.
**NOTE: Only Standard Press registrants are permitted to request private interviews.

Q: Why might my Press badge be revoked? 

A: Reasons for revocation include but are not limited to:

    • Bothering or harassing a guest.
    • Requesting autographs or sketches outside the normal autograph sessions.
    • Bringing non-press guests to interviews or special events.
    • Unprofessional and/or inappropriate behavior.
  • Violation of any policy set forth by the Press Office and Colorado Anime Fest.

Note: The COAF Press Relations Manager and Colorado Anime Fest retain the right to revoke any badge at any time for any reason whatsoever.