Photographer Access Policies

Photographers: If you intend to charge attendees for photoshoots, we require you to purchase Credentialed Photographer Access. It’s only fair: Anyone financially profiting from our event and/or attendees must be accounted for via similar regulations as our vendors and artists. We use proceeds from this to benefit the COAF cosplay community as a whole, including you! Registration for COAF 2019 will be available soon.

Photography Access includes:
– Full weekend access to the convention
– Ability to charge attendees for photoshoots onsite
– Advertisements on COAF social media
– Priority access to the Photography room, backdrops and equipment
– Access to the press room for equipment storage in-between photoshoots
– Early entrance (alongside press) and reserved seating to the Cosplay & Costume Contest and Cosplay Chess, plus other cosplay-related panels if space allows

This badge level has enabled us to purchase backdrops and equipment for the photo room. In 2018, we were able to add a staffer devoted to arranging cosplay meetups at the convention. Thank you for supporting our healthy cosplay photography community!

If you are planning on doing free photoshoots at COAF, you are welcome to pick up a complimentary credential from the Press & Industry office that will help alert attendees on your availability! It will read “FREE photoshoots”. Note that this ribbon does not include priority access to events.

If you are a press outlet, we instead recommend you apply for a press badge. If press outlets wish to charge attendees for photoshoots, they MUST purchase an add-on photography ribbon. Press outlets charging for photoshoots without this ribbon are subject to expulsion.

Fine print: Attendees must use common sense when understanding the rules of behavior, personal interactions, and respect for both private and public property. Behavior that is considered harassing or offensive will not be tolerated. Attendees, staff and other persons finding themselves in a situation where they feel their safety is at risk should locate the nearest security or staff member and they will be treated with the utmost urgency and expeditious manner to resolve that concern. We reserve the right to deny photographer badges or ribbons to anyone. If denied prior to the convention, your purchase will be refunded. If confiscated onsite due to conduct, there are no refunds for any reason per overall convention policy.