Meet the Mascots

Our mascots were created by Ryan Zanfei of Tasty Peach Studios and named by staff and attendees of the inaugural Colorado Anime Fest in 2016.

Sasoko (山子)

Sasoko (meaning “mountain child”, pronounced saw-so-ko) is our human mascot. She was named by founding staffers after an internal vote.

Sasoko is often dressed according to our annual theme. 

During the convention, watch for staff cosplayers portraying her in both adult and chibi form. If you find her, Sasoko might give you a prize!


The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep is Colorado’s official state animal, a symbol of our state since 1961. Rocky’s name was chosen by COAF 2016 attendees from a long list of options—many jokingly provided by guest Christopher Sabat—in tribute to our beloved Rocky Mountains. 

In 2017, Tasty Peach Studios and COAF teamed up to create Rocky Meowchi (a meowchi is a ‘cute mochi kitten plush’ invented by Ryan). The adorable exclusive was their Spring limited edition variant and featured a Meowchi in a Rocky ram kigurumi. It has long since sold out. You may occasionally see Rocky Meowchi on our official merchandise, such as stickers and keychains.

You can meet Rocky Meowchi during our numerous outreach events and in our Two Days of Anime tent at the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival.

Watch our social media for details and don’t forget to take a selfie with him!