Meet the 2018 artists

Table 1


Representing the eclectic work of Jamie Judson, local Colorado artist and craftsperson. Always trying something new and different, she offers a variety of art prints of digital and traditional paintings, resin jewelry, traditional kanzashi hair flowers, custom etched glassware, awesome plush toys (sharks!) and whatever else her brain has conjured up recently.

Lettum Cosplay

A Colorado cosplayer and crafter, specializing in fleece hats inspired by various anime characters. Lettum Cosplay can be found most often buried under fabric, sewing hats and costumes.

Table 2

Papaya Badger

Laser cutting, vector art, and more! Olivia (Papaya Badger) is a local vector artist with a passion for laser cutting. Artwork includes cute stuff, video games, and weeaboo garbage. Some of the newest items include tote bags, hoodies, and color wood stickers.

Visi Colors

I’m Visi, and I color things.

Table 3

Kelsi Jo Silva and Jessica YeungIllustrators

Kelsi is an experienced local artist with a well-known love of foxes. She frequently travels the country to sell her work at conventions. Her table partner, Jess, is finally ready to start selling her merchandise after attending cons and cosplaying for 10 years. Both girls share a passion for comics, cartoons, and strong ladies.

Table 4


Susanna “Bunny” Yi is an artist from Seattle, WA. She makes cute artwork that can be worn as accessories and used in daily life to add a bit of cuteness to your day like Fujoshi/Fudanshi enamel pins, as well as emotional pieces that makes this world feel a little less lonely through her Lost in Space Girls series and Eggy Baby enamel pins.

Table 5

Studio Ww

WLOP is a CG artist here from Hong Kong and creator of a webcomic called GhostBlade

Table 6

Potato Productions

20% artist, 80% potato

Table 7

Sariochan Arts

Sariochan Arts is a local artist specializing in fan art and original bookmarks and prints. Come on by to chat and discover old and new favorites or to complete your bookmark collections.

Table 8

Charming Little Fox Creations: Jewelry, Trinkets, Geekery

Stephanie is a fox obsessed extroverted introvert, with a serious addiction to coffee, anime, and kpop. She has a passion for creating unique and fun jewelry to wear for all fellow geeks and nerds!

Table 9

Ink Junk

Ink Junk is a small pair of two friendly artists! We mainly draw art from various different fandoms but we also have a great selection of original works!

Table 10

Nhicam & Norwegian Forest

A couple of freelance artists who wish to deliver the beauty of anime and fantasy to those seeking it through diverse and unique fashion accessories. Not only that, but they also provide prints of their favorite characters as well as original illustrations that will capture your attention.

Table 11

Lagproof Items

Always with you in real time.
Allegra, artist and owner of Lagproof, has been making anime, gaming, and pop culture goodies for 3 years and can’t wait to see you at COAF! If you want cute and affordable merch like stickers, buttons, keychains, and coin purses, give ’em a visit.

Table 12


Pitch is an illustrator and designer working out of the rugged Rocky Mountain West.

Table 13

Triangle Art 

Triangle Art provides a number of unique fandom goods for your nerdom needs, varying from foil prints, OTPINS, charms and much more!

Table 14

Lemon PenguinOriginal Cute Handmade Plush

Original cute plush designs brought to you with other fun useful items offered for those looking for something which takes up a little less space.

Table 15

Wayward StudiosComics that stray from the path

The cartooning partnership of Emily R. Gillis & Crystal M Rollins.  Together, they write and draw numerous comics from short, 24-hour comics to epic ongoing fantasy webcomics.  They are best known for Jikoshia, Skyborne, and A Day in the Life of My Cats.

Table 16

FantasmThe go-to spot for all your chibi needs!

Fantasm is a small family of nerdy artists specializing in chibi badges and prints! Come by to see their catalog of over 1000 adorable characters!

Table 17


Specializing in all kinds of ‘kawaii’ things, but you’ll probably recognize them best for their chibi character pillows.

Table 18


KaiJu is a two-headed monster with a passion for creating worlds rather than destroying them.

Table 19

Atomic Pixies

The Atomic Pixies are a group of 3 mysterious radioactive fae creatures that have been living undercover as geeky artists in Colorado. Check us out for Art Nouveau styled original and pop culture inspired fan art, tarot decks, and more!

Table 20A


There’s an easygoing feel of color and texture at ramensoup! Starring feisty cats Jack and Mochi, textile artist Julie handcrafts collective bags and other goods to keep you company in a 3d world. Much of the print series is a collaboration with illustrator Erika, whose own series of artwork will be featured at this years table.

Table 20B


Colorado based freelance illustrator and professional gremlin, with experience in the game industry.

Table 21

Filthy CommissionsOOAK Clothing, Accessories, and Costumes

Warumono has been creating for 18 years and has won more than 50 awards across the nation (and even some internationally!) for his work. He specializes in knowing Japanese Fashion but is also well versed in showy designs for drag and burlesque, as well as casual designs for comfortable daily wear. He enjoys bringing something a little different to AAs.

Table 22

ToriKat StudiosFanart and Original art by ToriKat

ToriKat has over 800 buttons, magnets, and keychain designs from a wide variety of fandoms from anime, manga, video games, TV shows, and more!  Bags, prints, and on-site sketch, ink, and color commissions are also available.

Table 23A

DanchuPichuComfy Prints, Merch, and Novelties

Yo, DanchuPichu is here! She has emerged from her blanket fortress to debut at her very first artist alley! She’s a Colorado local artist of over 10 years, and has been in the anime scene for just as long. Her cozy booth offers fan art prints, keychains, buttons, stickers, unique polaroids, and more!

Table 23B


Ken M. is a local Colorado artist who’s been making their mark at local cons for around 4 years now! Ken loves Kingdom Hearts so if you remember the table with 50% of their merchandise as such that was them! If quality prints, art books, stickers (and more) are your passion, Sora-esque is the table to visit!

Table 24A

Kitty Kat Kay
Kay is a local Colorado chibi and anime artist. She offers prints of fanart and original content, as well as keychains, buttons and stickers.

Table 24B

VokkriDigital artwork by Vokkri

Kari is an artist out of state who enjoys making fan art for some franchises that don’t typically get the credit they deserve! She will do her best to provide unique product and support the series she enjoys, as well as her own personal work! She creates mostly charms and keychains, along with prints and stickers!

Table 25

Bellibuttons & puppySHAKER!

Belli-buttons has been around for more than 10 years at the artist alley and convention scene. Sometimes known as “That Button Girl”. Together with collaborative partner puppySHAKER! They bring a wide variety of art and original playing card decks. Please shake puppies gently. Gently!

Table 26

Crystal McDowell

Crystal is a local Colorado artist who loves drawing whimsical fantasy illustrations. Her illustrations of terrariums, rpg equipment sets, dragons, and others are printed at postcard size to evoke a sense of smallness and charm. She also has copies of her comic series, Brews & Bruises, fan comics, mini zines, buttons, and original art. She is looking forward to another fun year of tabling at Colorado Anime Fest 2018!

Laurissa Hughes

Laurissa grew up in Colorado and has been drawing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. A love of storytelling became a passion for Storyboarding and Comics, and she has crafted many stories of her own along with collaborating with others to bring worlds and characters to life.  She offers many of these stories for sale at conventions, along with prints and original work. Laurissa also enjoys snowboarding, playing the clarinet, learning foreign languages, and watching lots of British television.