We need you!



Want to staff?

Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Colorado Anime Fest family!  We will have information later in the year for available positions.


Volunteer: working 10 hours or under (sign up onsite)
Staff: a minimum of 20 hours. Some staff work year-round, some work onsite. Duties and hours depend on the position and department.


Want to volunteer?

Volunteers can earn the following perks throughout the weekend:
4-6 hours worked: An attendee same-day admittance badge for this year’s convention.

8 hours worked: An attendee next-day badge for this year’s convention.

10+ hours worked: An attendee next-day or next year badge, plus an invite to our after-con staff party.


Want to staff?

The perks increase!

24+ hours worked: You are considered full staff and will earn a complimentary shared hotel room and/or solo room discount, staff shirt, an after-con staff party and more.


Help needed!

Colorado Anime Fest is looking for eager and excited volunteers to help make 2018 the best COAF ever! We’re looking for help in main events, tabletop gaming, logistics, exhibit hall, logistics, press, social media and other areas. Interested applicants must be 18 years old. Apply now!