Panel Guidelines

The submission process

Read through the following guidelines. Panel submissions are currently closed. We’ll post updates on social media when we open them for COAF 2020.

Important note: We will not be accepting submissions for “Q&A” or “Ask {Character}” panels where panelists answer questions while in character.

What’s allowed and when

We run panels from morning to late night. As such, we will accept a wide variety of panel types, including those targeted toward children and those targeted toward adults. Panels will be scheduled at times appropriate for their content and target audience.

After 9:00 PM, we will allow panelists to run panels that are only appropriate for adults. We’ll card attendees at the door to ensure only those 18 years or older get in, so panels can—within reason—explore themes of violence and sexual content with an age-appropriate audience.

When submitting your panel, please be clear about the target audience of your panel. We may ask for clarification if you don’t provide it with your submission.

And finally, no bootleg content. Unless you’re talking about how to spot and avoid them, we don’t permit any bootleg content of any form at Colorado Anime Fest.

How we schedule panels

Once you submit your panel, it will be considered for acceptance. If your panel is accepted and scheduled, you’ll be expected to run your panel. If you can’t make it, please notify us ahead of time. Failure to notify us ahead of time may result in your future panel submissions being rejected.

Panels can be between 45 minutes and 90 minutes, in 15 minute increments. There will be at least a 15 minute buffer between panels so panelists have time to set up before their panels and to tear down after their panels.

Panel room equipment

Every panel room is equipped with a projector and a sound system. We provide HDMI and stereo mini-jack (i.e. “headphone”) cables for input. Every room will have at least one microphone.

Laptops and other equipment will not be provided. Please bring any adapters you need to connect your equipment to the equipment listed above. If you’re unsure what you might need, please contact with your questions.

Panelist rewards

If you run one panel, you get a badge for one day of Colorado Anime Fest. Running two panels will get you a full weekend badge. Already pre-registered? You can use the badge for next year or give the badge to someone else this year. Want to give two friends badges for one day each instead of taking one weekend badge? Fine by us. You choose how and when to redeem your badges.

Up to three badges may be claimed per panel, one for each panelist. If there are more than three panelists in a given panel, they must decide among them how to distribute the three badges.

Submitting a panel application

As mentioned above, panel submissions are currently closed. We’ll post updates on social media when we open them for COAF 2020.