The Bullock Award

Every year, COAF recognizes our staff with a variety of internal awards. Our top award is chosen by executive staff.

In 2017, we lost staffer Ben Bullock unexpectedly. Known to the public as DJ Bullock, Ben was a dedicated staff member of multiple conventions for nearly two decades. He was a part of COAF from the start, and the convention wouldn’t be the success it is today without his quiet, selfless expertise. We’ll never forget him and we strive every day to be an event he would’ve been proud of.

In his memory, our highest, most elite honor is named the Bullock Award.


  • 2016: James Kirkham
  • 2017: Joey Maestas
  • 2018: Forrest Fredell
  • 2019: Greg Crouse
    • Honorable Mentions: Rebecca Cressler, James “Ruckus” Wigton