Here at Colorado Anime Fest, we’re a family. We pay tribute to our staff while raising money for great causes. We generally focus on local charities that directly help our community in the Denver metro area. Charity representatives attend COAF in-person to help attendees learn more about what they do.

We’re proud that our auction items are often rare and very hard to find—worth saving up for all year long! We procure items from around the world and are grateful for any donations received.

Charity has been a priority for us beginning with our first year. For a smaller show, we’ve raised incredible amounts of money in a very short time. Since 2016, we’ve donated $23,101 to worthy causes.

2019 Charity: People House
In honor of: Staff and attendees struggling with mental heath issues and not sure where to find help.
Amount raised: $7,232. Broad Horizons Events, Corp. bumped the total to $8,000.

2018 Charity: Youth on Record
In memory of: Ben Bullock, COAF founding staffer and rave DJ
Amount raised: $8,698. Broad Horizons Events, Corp. bumped the total to $9,001. We’re over 9000!!!

2017 Charity: Urban Peak
In memory of: Neal Feldman, father to COAF staffers Amber, Sammi and Tanya.
Amount raised: $4,902. Broad Horizons Events, Corp. bumped the total to $5,000.

2016 Charity: ALS Association: Rocky Mountain Chapter
In memory of: Rita Gonzales, mother to staffer Revae Jones
Amount raised: $1,100