We are proud to present the schedule and program for #COAF2018! Schedule (PDF) includes video rooms and photo shoots! (also available in large print) Program (2MB mobile version; images are slightly lower quality) Program (11MB high-quality version) Features artwork by Tasty Peach Studios.

2018 Schedule and Program

Last year, the Colorado convention community lost someone very special. Ben Bullock (known to the public as DJ Bullock) was a dedicated staff member of multiple conventions for nearly two decades. He was a part of COAF from the start, and the convention wouldn’t be the success it is today
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2018 Charity: Youth on Record

We’ll have three free posters available at-con, thanks to Dreamworks! Check out the epic fantasy television series DreamWorks’ Trollhunters from Guillermo del Toro, part of the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, now streaming on Netflix! After uncovering a mysterious amulet, ordinary teenager Jim assumes an unlikely destiny and sets out to
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